Augmented reality application


Application of medical aid in augmented reality, it reduces pain during small procedures. This application has demonstrated its effectiveness in clinical tests: playing reduces the feeling of pain in children. But while playing, the child remains connected to care thanks to augmented reality.

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A therapeutic toy?

Handled by trained professionals and attentive parents, this augmented reality toy represents an important aid in the therapeutic relationship and sometimes will even reduce pain. The magic characters place the child at the center of care and give him a measure of autonomy which will allow him to better manage the care. A refusal or an opposition and the child can play hide and seek with the clouds in the hospital room. A care that can hurt? Let’s use the fire truck to water the caregivers. And if we are simply afraid of hospitals or its doctor, send the butterfly to discover!

To discover the treatment room

The butterfly

Educational interest

Explore the room with the butterfly.

The butterfly swirls around the hospital and allows the child to visit the hospital and take pictures with their parents and hospital staff. It brings the medical world into the world of children by landing on the speakers and flying around them.

The ideal companion to reassure

The fire truck

Educational interest

Allow the child to have fun while spraying (counter-aggression) and to act fictitiously on the pain (hypnotic suggestion) by spraying the painful area or the one “that hurts him”.

The fire truck helps relieve pain with his spray of water, he plays hide and seek with his friend the Canadair to distract the children and gives the flowers a drink to take care of and refresh them. Water has a soothing effect on children.

To hide, but not too much

The sun and its friends the clouds

Educational interest

Being able to hide something behind the cloud (s).

The sun is bored alone without its friends the clouds. The child will be able to make the clouds appear and disappear in the space that surrounds it. The more clouds, the happier the sun. The child can also move them: the clouds are used to hide the reality of care if it seems too frightening. The clouds disappear when it rains. All these manipulations allow the child to distract himself during the treatments while maintaining contact with reality, within the framework of a coherent and always positive universe: the clouds are friends of the sun and the rain is refreshing.

Les Minidocs (The Mini Doctors) / French Red Cross

Customized solution

All our solutions are customizable and customizable according to your needs. For example, the French Red Cross asked us to create a “Minidocs” mascot that accompanies and plays with the child throughout its care journey. By discovering the hospital, its nursing staff and reassuring them during treatment.